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Alpha 15L buoy


Kiwa 'Alpha' blue water dive buoys are the essential accessory to make sure you're seen while in the water.  Made from high quality 1100 gram PVC, (the same as zodiac boats), our buoys are designed to withstand everything nature can throw at them, offering you greater reliability and value.

* PLEASE NOTE while this buoy is exceptional at making sure you are seen in the water, each region in your country will have it's own rules regarding the use of dive flags/floats. We suggest using this float in conjunction with a vessel dive flag, this is not a substitute for a 'dive flag' is your local rules require it.

Key Features:

- High-vis colouring

- Heavy duty 0.9 mm, 1100 Dtex PVC

- Thermo welded seams

- High pressure, rated to 1.5 PSI

- Schrader valve for easy, fast inflation

- Unrivalled durability

- 15 L capacity

- Light weight for ease of travelling

- Designed in New Zealand