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Pink Weight Belt


Our same great Gen-2 belts where EVERY purchase goes towards supporting our wildlife! 

Southern Right Whale/(tohorā) Conservation

Tohorā used to be so common in NZ waters that people in Wellington use to complain of being kept awake at night but all the noise.

During the whaling era in the early 19th century, the NZ population was hunted down from 30,000 to only 40 individuals.

They get the name "Right Whale" because they were known as the 'right' whale to hunt - they were easy, swam close to shore, and provided large amounts of meat oil and bone.

$5 from this purchase goes towards NZ conservation initiatives - Follow up on Instagram @kiwa_nz!

Constructed from heavy duty silicone, Kiwa Diving Weight Belts are more flexible than their traditional rubber counterparts, giving you a better fit and less discomfort when in the water. In addition, silicone is more durable than rubber, offering you better value in the long run. Plus, our belts come in a wide range of stylish colours to complement your gear and personality.

Key Features:

- 4 mm flexible tear-resistant silicone

- 1.4 m length - Unrivalled flexibility, durability and fit

- Quick release stainless steel Marseillaise buckle

- UV, ozone, heat and salt resistant

- Designed in New Zealand

- Weight belt for diving, Snorkeling, SCUBA