FAQs – Kiwa
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How do your belts differ to regular belts?
Kiwa weight belts are made from 100% silicone with a progressive stretch offering great flexibility. They are able to be done up tightly to stay firm on your hips without being uncomfortable. When diving deep the belt contracts with your body to stay snug unlike maybe rubber or webbed counterparts.
Are Kiwa belts quick-release?
Yes, Kiwa belts are with a quick-release stainless roller buckle. The belts are designed so in an emergency if the tail end can be pulled causing the buckle pin to effetely come out and not re-enter another hole on it's own.
Can I get a smaller or larger size?
All our belts are one size fits all. They are 134 cm long (when not fitted with weights). The silicone can easily be cut shorter if you find it is too long. 
How much weight can I put on my belt?
Our belts have been used by commercial divers who have tested them up to 10kg, however, optimal comfort is best for 1-7kg. We recommend using single lead weights of 0.5-1kg each, distributed evenly around the belt (2kg weights are more likely to 'flop' due to the flexible nature of our belts).
Can I wear it SCUBA diving?
Yes, we have many people using this belt for SCUBA as well as freediving, we recommend using it in conjunction with integrated weights as generally SCUBA requires more lead weight than freediving.
How much weight do I need to wear?
The correct amount of weight is dependent on what activities you are carrying out and how deep you a diving. As a rule of thumb - you should never wear enough weight that you sink on the surface when you exhale.
What is the best way to wear a Kiwa Belt?
Wear your belt low and firmly around your hips (as not to put pressure on your diaphragm when breathing). If you have excess tail, tuck it safely as shown below, therefore the belt can easily be released if the tail end is pulled.