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Kia ora, our story begins on the south coast of New Zealand. From craggy cloud-piercing peaks to the inky-blue depths of the pristine Pacific Ocean, this is a unique place like nowhere else on earth. It is here that we call home,  Aotearoa - New Zealand.
Kiwa NZ

Through several years of development, we believe we offer a weight belt that has superior comfort and flexibility, whether you are a beginner free diver or a commercial SCUBA diver. 100% designed and assembled in New Zealand with 10 great colour options so you can blend in, or, stand out from a crowd.
Our 4 newest colours are in our conservation range, where $5 from every sale goes towards the conservation of wildlife (check out our conservation page for more details).
We are so proud of our belts we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with them!

Each belt is hand assembled individually with love by our founder, who takes pride to make sure every piece of hardware has no imperfections, every screw has been secured with Loctite, the stainless is polished and it's then packaged beautifully in our recyclable cardboard sleeves to be sent to you!

Esther is a kiwi who grew up in the South Island with a great passion for spearfishing, freediving and scuba diving. After graduating with a Master's in Marine Science she traveled overseas training to freedive and Scuba dive. On returning to New Zealand she worked hard to turn one of her passions into Kiwa NZ.
Designed to be of superior quality, where every vibrant belt colour has been narrowed down to the perfect shade and matched with sleek stainless steel hardware with the Kiwa logo engraved, these weight belts have been sent all around the world and received amazing feedback!
Check out one of our stockists:
Ocean Hunter LTD - Auckland, Wellington and Blenheim, New Zealand
Dutchy's - Tairua, New Zealand
Spear West - Perth, Australia
Meister Diving - Greece
Instagram: @Kiwadive
Facebook: KIWA Diving and Spearfishing